Step 1

Order your tree:

We have a handy order form you can fill out (and share with your friends!)

Fill this out, and we will have your tree ready for you on pickup day!

Step 2

Pick up your tree:

Step 3


Pay for your tree:

We will have card readers on site to pay when you choose your tree. If you wish to prepay with credit card online, you can go through the main website (just make sure to write your school in the memo so we know where to bring your tree).

What if I miss the pre order?

Since this is our first year partnering with Farragut High, we will carry a handful of extra trees. However, don’t wait! These will run out, and be chosen “first come, first served”.

What if I’m out of town for the pickup day?

We can deliver your tree to your doorstep! Just preorder through the main website or contact us and we will arrange it all for you.

How does this support Farragut?

10% of all proceeds will go directly to the School association. Also, it will be a lively time to spend time together and support one another.