Christmas Farm

Our beginnings.

Raise the Tree began as a concept by co-founder Paul Dickenson, who dreamed up the holiday business back in 2010: "I'm unemployed right now, so I said I'm going to go for it, and try to deliver Christmas trees," said Dickenson.

And, co-founder James Trimble wanted to do more than just make money, he also wanted to help others: "I really see this as kind of a new phenomenon, combining business with charity."

Together the two started a company called Raise the Tree, where you can order fresh-cut Christmas tree online, and have them delivered to you.

7 years later, Ian Dovan, founder of Seeds of Change, a social enterprise beginning in Knoxville, had a similar vision in mind, but wanted to add wings to the concept by creating a physical tree lot, and an unforgettable family experience. The concept of “an Urban Farm” was birthed; bringing the look and feel of a tree farm in the North Carolina mountains, but with the convenience of being right in the heart of Knoxville. The pillars that make Raise the Tree unique are still the same: top-quality Fraser firs and giving back to the community.

What is different now?

In 2017, Raise the Tree opened a physical lot location, where families stop by and pick their very own tree, and relax and drink some hot cocoa or make a s’more by the fire. Step into a magical lot sprinkled with lights and lots of instagram-able photos to share with the whole family, near and far. 


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